Stop Throwing Away Money – a Plea from Your Leftovers

Tomato with other veggies

Last week, I talked about how to save Food Money by busting out the old crock pot. This week, I want to talk about a challenge we face in my family associated with the crock pot meal plan I just got done recommending – how to keep your Food Money low by using leftovers to their fullest potential.

Being much like finance blogs, leftovers aren’t usually super attractive. Nobody wants to eat that five day old, half portion of tuna melt you made after that great workout back on Monday. If you crave that sort of thing, you can stop reading now, okay? I mean it, that’s gross. Continue reading


How Crock Pots are King of Food Money

Crock Pot Meal

Hi everyone!

Welcome to the maiden voyage article of Thrifty Thursdays, part of the Weekly Wisdom division of this blog. I’ll be submitting one post each Thursday to help us become lean, mean, thrifty gleaning machines!

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