Learn to Invest in Value Stocks, Not Low Ones

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Hi everyone!

Welcome to this week’s edition of Stock Market Saturdays (SMS). Today, I want to talk about value investing. The thinking behind value investing is just what it seems on the surface – buy stocks that are undervalued, so that when their true value is realized the price will increase and you’ll make a profit.

“It’s far better to buy a wonderful company at a fair price than a fair company at a wonderful price.”

– Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett is one of the most renowned investors around, and most of his investments are based on fundamental value investing principles. So, how do you identify whether a stock is a “good value” or if it’s just a low price because it’s junk?

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Why You Shouldn’t Discount Dividends

Hi everyone! Welcome to the virgin edition of Stock Market Saturday (SMS). I’ll be serving up one article each Saturday devoted to all things stock market. This week’s edition I’m taking a deeper dive into dividends – hooray! You may end up rethinking the way you select your investments Continue reading