12 Tax Credits to Consider in 2015

In our house, tax season is a mixed bag. On the one hand, we’re joyfully dreaming with refund dollars dancing in our heads along with planning how we’ll spend them. On the other hand, we stress about making sure we’ve got our financial house in order and work with frantic haste to submit the paperwork on time. April 15th passes as quickly as it came, and soon the refund check is nowhere to found. Continue reading


Protect Your Hard-won Credit from Identity Theft

I’ve been running a theme this week around credit – why you need it, how to get it, and this article will go into how you can best protect that precious three-digit number from dropping.

Protecting your credit is something that everyone wants to do, but not many people understand how to do it. There has been a growing trend of companies having private, sensitive customer information being hacked. For example, Continue reading

Learn to Improve Your Credit Rating

Build your credit, the right way. The easy way.

In one of my last articles, we went through all the various reasons why credit matters. However, understanding that you need solid credit is one thing; understanding how to get it is entirely another. This article will go in depth describing what works well to build credit, what can harm your credit, and debunks a couple of known myths around credit scoring. Continue reading

Why Credit Matters

If you care about your hard-earned money, you should care about your credit rating and credit score.

When I first left the nest, I paid my bills on time and knew that was doing… something for me. Bankers and credit agencies cared what was happening with my score, but not me. Nowadays, I’m not a helicopter parent to my credit score, but Continue reading