5 Ways to Earn Money Online, Without Trying

How much time do we spend idle watching TV, vegging out on the couch, bored? I spend my fair share and decided that my new year’s resolution would be to explore ways to earn supplementary income. This is what I’ve found – there are certainly other sites/apps/programs out there, but these are my favorite picks.

1. Swagbucks     swagbucks_logo_0

Probably the most well-known rewards site, Swagbucks.com lets you earn Swagbucks (SB) by performing a variety of tasks, and exchange them for gift cards. 100 SB = $1.00 roughly. Tasks include:

  • Watching Swagbucks TV (videos with ads in between) – 10 videos = 3 SB, max 150 SB per day
  • Mobile Apps (some apps Android only): Max 126 SB per day
    • SBTV – 5 videos = 2 SB, max 36 per day
    • Lifestylz TV – 15 videos = 2 SB, max 18 per day
    • EntertaiNow TV Mobile – 10 videos = 2 SB, max 18 per day
    • MovieCli.ps – 15 videos = 2 SB, max 18 per day
    • Sportly TV – 15 videos = 2 SB, max 18 per day
    • IndyMusic TV – 15 videos = 2 SB, max 18 per day
  • Swagbucks Search – no max, but rewards are random and semi-infrequent
  • Swagbucks Games – 2 SB for every other game, up to 10SB per day
  • Surveys – Pay anywhere from 10 – 250 SB
  • Mobile App Offers – Download apps, get SB (varies)
  • Daily Poll – 1SB per day for voting in the daily poll
  • NOSO (No Obligation Special Offers) – Click ‘More Deals’ a bunch of times and get 2SB after filling in the Captcha
  • Shopping – Earn SB for each dollar spent (# of SB per dollar varies by store)

I started using Swagbucks the beginning of 2015, and earned slightly over $70 in January mostly passively while working my normal job.

2. Bing Rewards     Bing-rewards-logo

Bing Rewards couples well with Swagbucks.com users, since you can redeem Bing Rewards for Swagbucks (or other gift cards, too). Bing Rewards gives points for:

  • Mobile Searches – 1 credit for every 2 searches, up to 10 credits per day
  • Desktop Searches – 1 credit for every 2 searches, up to 15 creidts per day
  • Daily Search – 1 credit for clicking on the daily search, up to 1 credit per day
  • App of the week – new as of January 2015, 10 credits for installing and running the app of the week

I started Bing Rewards the same time I started Swagbucks, and have earned $7.50 worth of credits in the first month.

3. Perksample_perk_logo_02

Perk is best known for their Perk TV app, which lets you run videos to earn credits (similar to Swagbucks). The benefit to Perk TV is that there is no cap (though it pays less per hour). Perk has since significantly expanded its’ suite of apps (some apps Android only):

  • Browser
  • Swipe & Win
  • Prize Mob
  • Shopping
  • Live TV
  • Search & Win
  • TV
  • Pop Quiz
  • Scratch & Win
  • Wallet

I started using Perk TV but decided it was too much in combination with Swagbucks and Bing Rewards and normal life (Perk has a ‘are you still watching?’ pop-up every hour or so). However, Perk policy does allow you to have up to 5 devices on one account. If you have old devices lying around as spares, you can make them work for you!

4. Amazon MTurk    Amazon-Mturk-Website-logo

Amazon Mechanical Turk is a little different than the first three. Businesses or developers (or random people with money to pay people to do weird stuff online) pay to have people (you) perform Human Intelligence Tasks (HITs), which pay per task and have a time limit. I don’t have a lot to review on this one yet, because I’ve only just started. Will try to remember to report back once I have some experiential knowledge.

Edit: After a month or so of trying Amazon Mechanical Turk, I can easily say it’s the best beer money site out there. With little effort, I’ve been able to consistently make $6-12 per hour (though I’m a fast reader and typist, your mileage may vary).

5. Google Helpouts     helpouts_logo_full_color

Helpouts is an online video chat service, where experts offer their services to paying customers. If you’re an expert in a field which can provide a service over the web via video chat, you can request to become an expert on Helpouts and be paid for your time (or for free if you’re so inclined – though that’s not really in the spirit of this post). I haven’t tried Helpouts yet – building Manage Your Means is enough on my plate currently; though I may consider it in the future.

Edit: Helpouts sent me an email after I requested to sign up with them, saying that they’re closing the service – guess I’ll never know how this one would’ve worked out.

If you have a favorite site/app for earning money not included in my list, let me know!

– Sam

*Each logo is the property of its respective owner, not owned by this site.


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